Monday, June 20, 2011

Feeling at Home

After my wonderful week in Rome I arrived to Abano Terme, my new home for the summer. My host family welcomed me in the perfect way and I couldn't feel more at home. They are really fantastic and Beatrice (the little girl I am looking after) is just an angel. After just a few weeks of me being around her she already speaks a few words in English and can understand some things I say to her. Oh, and she's only 2!

My new 'home' is beautiful and I love my new host family. I don't know how I keep getting so lucky with host families. Ever summer I hear stories from other au pairs I know and they say how horrible some families are but I have never came across any family in this way. I feel lucky to have found such a welcoming and genuine family. They are not just a host family but also my friends who I can share my stories and experiences with.

Here is a look at my room.

Abano is an area for swimming pools, thermal baths, and a good place for families because it's quiet and child friendly. I enjoy it here because it's relaxed and easy to get to places. If I want to go into Padova for lunch or out with friends it's just a short bus ride away.

I have met some really great friends already. One in particular, her name is Chiara. The story in how we met is quite interesting. When I was an au pair in Sydney, Australia in 2008 I met an Australian girl named Cynthia. We kept in touch throughout the years and she even came to visit me in Tennessee. Last winter she traveled all through South America and went to Peru... while she was there she met Chiara who just happens to be from Padova. When Cynthia heard I was going to Padova for the summer she put me in contact with Chiara via Facebook and now we are already having dinners together and she is introducing me to some of her wonderful friends.

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