Monday, June 20, 2011

Sardegna: My new obession.

Last week I went with my host family to Costa Smeralda in Sardegna. We were in the area near Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, very famous areas in Sardegna. I had heard from everyone how amazing Sardegna was and how clear the water was but it wasn't until I saw it with my own eyes that I realized how magnificent it really was.

The house we stayed in was beautiful and the view was hard to not love. The view from our house wasn't actually a part of the crystal blue sea but more of a gulf. Still, as you can see it was not a bad sight.

The week there was a sort of escape from everything. It was not crowded as it was early in the season so very few people were around and the weather was nearly perfect. The first few days were a little windy but at least there was sun and sea. The remaining days were sunny and warm and the nights were cool and you could smell the scent of the Myrtle plants that made the night smell like sweet Mirto. It was not hard to become obsessed with such a beautiful place.

The sea reminded me of a movie I love called "Blue Lagoon", I was always fascinated with this movie and wanted to go to a place with a sea so clear that it would be mistaken for a swimming pool. I have finally discovered such a place.

I suppose that clear blue water, sunny skies, and a fantastic host family would be enough to make this obsession complete.. but while in Sardegna I discovered something beautiful. Panne Carasau. I had panne carasau in Morlupo last summer because the families' parents were from Sardegna and you could often find panne carasau in the kitchen but I hadn't had it in the correct way. Panne carasau is a very thin like bread, almost like a cracker crossed with a tortilla or something - it's completely unique. I wasn't very interested in it until I had it made right. I had tried it before but it was quite bland. It is to be baked in the oven with fresh rosemary until it's a toasted to a golden color then salt and olive oil is placed on it right before serving.

One night we went into Porto Cervo to have a walk and an aperitivo. Porto Cervo is famous for it's yachts and high end shops,hotels, and bars/restaurants

As we were on the road to Porto Cervo there was a view from the street of the surrounding area.

The week in Sardegna went quickly but I will return for the month of August to see and experience more.

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