Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good.

I apologize for the delay of blog posts but my first couple of weeks back in Italy were really busy and when I had free time.. well, I slept and spent my time on skype or facebook. I won't let it happen again.

My first day back in Italy didn't seem real. Actually, it seemed all too normal. It felt as if I had never left at all and that all of my friends that I saw.. were always around. It was a bit strange, actually. I had waited months and months and spent so many hours saying "I cannot wait to get back to Italy", "how many days until I'm back with my friends". Well, I was back and it felt good. My friends all welcomed me with open arms and even their apartment. My dear friends Katie, Emily, and Claudio (not to forget zucca) opened their apartment to me for the week. It was so nice to be back in the same apartment I once was at the first time I met them a year ago.

I was put in contact with Katie and Emily through Em J...who is the girl that was an au pair for the same family I was an au pair for last summer. She was there before me and knew Katie through university in California and Katie introduced me to Emily. Basically, Em J. and I skyped everyday because... while I was in Italy last summer she was in California and I updated her on my life in Italy while she was studying.. once I returned, Em J. soon moved to Rome and then was updating me on her life in Italy. We actually never met until I arrived a couple weeks ago. We met over amazing pasta and wine and it was like we had known each other for years.

This is the dinner we had the night Em J. and I met. It's caco e pepe in a bowl made entirely of parmesean. Anthony Bourdain went to this restaurant in his Rome epipsode and named this "Restaurant X" because he didn't want to reveal the secret to all of the 'typical tourists'. Pleast check out this epipsode, it is Rome in all it's beauty.. or at least a piece of it's beauty.

Our waiter at 'Restaurant X'

During the week I met up with the current au pair (Ashley) that is working with the family I was with last summer and she was really fantastic. I wish I had more time in Rome to spend with everyone but I suppose I was lucky enough to spend at least a week there catching up with everyone. Ashley and I spent one day together walking along Via Appia Antica, the most ancient road in Rome.

Throughout the week I was always running around trying to catch up with all of my friends and to see everything that I wanted to see. I don't see how tourists see Rome in a week, the week I spent there was exhausting and I barely did what most tourists do. No wonder people don't really see Rome as it really is. I am lucky enough to have a few friends that give tours of the Vatican Museum and was so happy to go on my friend Treva's tour to see the Vatican Museum and most of all the Sistine chapel. It was really an amazing experience but I would love to see it again as it's such a big place it's really impossible to see it all. Next time.

At the end of the week my friend Treva also threw me a terrific terrace party with tacos and of course a game of kings. A card game we played while drinking with togas on last summer. This is the most wonderful group of girls.

Toga Party cerca last summer.

A week in Rome isn't enough for me...not only to see my friends but to experience Rome in the summer.Stay tuned to my next adventure to Rome one weekend to dance on the river, to eat gelato skillfully so it doesn't drip down my arms, and to laugh with wonderful friends over pizza, pasta, and wine.

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  1. Amazing Allison,I am green with envy.But so excited for you.If you have your own travel show and I work for you? :D